L’arquitectura davant el canvi demogràfic: per un envelliment actiu i saludable


REHAB iNOVA comença a treballar en l’habitatge senior, col.laborant amb el seus socis holandesos de BRTA. REHAB iNOVA starts developing age-friendly housing, collaborating with Dutch partners BRTA.

Buscant inspiració hem conegut l’experiència de Barbara Beskind. Vegeu l’enllaç.

Searching for inspiration we’ve known Barbara Beskind’s experience. Watch the link.

“In January 2013, Barbara saw IDEO founder David Kelley speak on 60 Minutes about the importance of cultivating a diversity of experience among team members developing new products and services. Barbara wrote to the company, offering to help IDEO design for an aging population. She soon began working in IDEO’s Bay Area offices and has been directly involved with client projects related to contact lenses, health care delivery, and retirement home services.”




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